PD-what? A Look Into the PDF, and Why We Use It

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Something you will hear us ask for often in our line of work is a high quality PDF file of the publication or artwork that you are wanting to print.  While many of you are probably experts by now in wielding the power of the PDF, it never hurts to have a refresher on how [...]

My Paper is Bleeding! Let’s Trim Off the Excess.

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If you find yourself exploring our website then you have probably come across the word "bleed(s)" a number of times.  Whether it is through conversation with our customer service reps, or through your own perusing of our internet home, it is a topic that comes up somewhat frequently.  It is my hope that by the [...]

Keeping Things Together: How to Organize Your Folders

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Do you ever find yourself running into the problem of knowing you saved a file, but can't remember where you saved the file? I have run into this problem way too many times to keep count of and I also know that time is a precious commodity that can't be wasted looking for that long [...]

PRESLM- Literary Magazine Competition

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NCTE’s Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines (PRESLM) recognizes students, teachers, and schools for producing excellent literary magazines. The program’s mission is to encourage all schools to develop literary magazines and seek excellence in writing and school-wide participation in production. Participation in the program serves as an inducement for improving the quality of school literary [...]

How to Create Bleeds in a Publisher Document

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Almost every Windows computer has access to Publisher, and it is a great tool for building your publication. If you are using Publisher to build your news magazine, literary magazine, sports program, or other magazine style document you may want backgrounds or photos to bleed. I have created a tutorial for setting up bleeds in [...]

Templates for High School Newspapers

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High school newspapers are hard work. We know that. If there was one gift we could give newspaper designers, it would be: MORE TIME! Anyone who has ever been charged with the composing of a high school newspaper page knows that it can be a daunting task! You want things clean and concise and hopefully, modular! [...]

Newspapers – Telling your unique story

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Whether it is bad news or good news, reading a newspaper is cathartic. This post features some of the unique ways our customers have used newsprint to help tell their story! See how they created their feature story news. Look at their content for article ideas. Then go create your own newspaper. The guys in [...]