Build hype! Promote your Lit Mag!

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You put a lot of hard work into any publication that you create. Literary magazines require a ton of design and collaboration. Don’t let all that work go un-noticed! Create some hype about your publication and get people excited! A video is a great way to share a preview of your magazine and it’s another [...]

Templates for High School Newspapers

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High school newspapers are hard work. We know that. If there was one gift we could give newspaper designers, it would be: MORE TIME! Anyone who has ever been charged with the composing of a high school newspaper page knows that it can be a daunting task! You want things clean and concise and hopefully, modular! [...]

Newspapers – Telling your unique story

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Whether it is bad news or good news, reading a newspaper is cathartic. This post features some of the unique ways our customers have used newsprint to help tell their story! See how they created their feature story news. Look at their content for article ideas. Then go create your own newspaper. The guys in [...]

Mini Movie #1 Featuring “Cry of the Hawk”

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North Harford High School has been printing with us for 6 years. Their publication "Cry of the Hawk" is a great example of how spot color can be used to spice up a publication! Check out this video of their 4th edition coming off the press:  

Video How-To: Creating bleeds

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Here are step by step instructions on how to setup your new document for bleeds: Here are step by step instructions on how to setup your existing document for bleeds: