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Will I be charged if I need to cancel an order?2016-02-04T11:04:19-06:00

An order may be cancelled provided it has not reached the press. You can cancel an order by checking your order status and clicking the “cancel order” button. A cancellation fee of $15.00 to $50.00 will be assessed based on how far the order has progressed through production prior to cancellation. If an order has already been printed it can’t be cancelled.

Can I pay my invoice online?2016-02-04T11:07:05-06:00

Yes! Under the “My Account” tab there is a “Pay Invoice” option. You also have the option when you log in to your account and check your order status. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express payments online. You may also pay an invoice by contacting Accounts Receivable at 866-435-7577. 

What do I do if I never receive my invoice?2016-02-04T11:09:08-06:00

Invoices are emailed the next regular business day following order shipment. If you do not receive an invoice within two business days, please contact Accounts Receivable at accounting@schoolprinting.com or 866-435-7577.

Why was my account placed on Credit Hold?2015-06-26T18:41:45-05:00

Accounts having one past due invoice will be placed on Credit Hold. Once an account has been placed on Credit Hold, no orders will be printed or shipped until payment has been received and outstanding invoices are resolved.

How can I pay my invoice?2016-02-04T11:10:01-06:00

Payments may be made in the form of check, credit card or money order.  Checks should be made payable to JS Printing.  Credit cards payments may be made online, via phone at 866-435-7577, or mail.  We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Do you accept purchase orders?2016-02-04T11:10:36-06:00

Many schools require purchase orders before an order is placed.  Though JS Printing does not require a purchase order be provided, it is the sole responsibility of the adviser to provide this information when an order is placed. Please check with your accounting department for details on its policies.

How will I be billed for an order?2015-06-26T18:39:45-05:00

All JS Printing school accounts are established with standard 40-day billing terms with a $1,500 credit limit. Invoices are typically emailed the next business day following order shipment. A late fee of $15.00 will be assessed on all invoices past 40 days.

I have a red X instead of my preview or my thumbnail reads “No preview available”. What do I do?2015-06-26T18:38:21-05:00

This is a bug in MDO. To fix it, open the page as you normally would and select Edit on any text field to the left. There is no need to make changes to this field, simply select Save. This will reset your preview and you will be good to go!

I want to use the same templates for every issue of my publication. Is there a way that I can save those pages so I don’t have to look for them each time?2015-06-26T18:37:49-05:00

Yes. When browsing templates, simply click “Bookmark This Page” at the top of the preview screen. MDO will save it for you in a section on the left called Bookmarks. You can go back to this section each time you are ready to start a new publication and the pages that you want will be there.

Do I have to format my images to JS Printing specs when using My Design Online?2015-06-26T18:37:01-05:00

We recommend that all photographs be 130 DPI and all art should be 600 DPI.

What is the turnaround time for My Design Online orders?2015-06-26T18:36:28-05:00

My Design Online orders follow our standard turnaround time based on the type (newsprint or non-newsprint) of publication being printed. Please see Turnaround Schedule for complete details.

Can I work on more than one publication at a time in My Design Online?2015-06-26T18:36:00-05:00

Yes. Pages are stored and can be placed into different volumes.

How do I submit a MDO publication for printing?2016-02-04T11:18:25-06:00

After you’ve finalized all of the pages for your publication, you will need to create a volume and add your pages to that volume. Once a volume has been created, you will have a “Go to order form” option in My Design Online. After selecting this option, you will be prompted to login to your SchoolPrinting.com account. Once logged in, select Place an Order and follow the step by step instructions. On the last step of the order form select “upload My Design Online Publication” and select your volume from the list.  For step by step instructions, review the My Design Online User Guide.

My preview screen is not working. What do I do?2015-06-26T18:34:08-05:00

Contact your network administrator to check to see whether Port 8080 is open for you. This will allow the preview to be displayed.

Can I have separate login information for MDO?2015-06-26T18:33:38-05:00

Yes. You can update your username and password under Edit Account in My Design Online.

Can multiple people work on the publication at a time?2015-06-26T18:33:09-05:00

Yes. My Design Online allows users to work on different pages in the publication simultaneously. You can assign one student to page 3, another to page 8 and have them logged in and working on their pages at the same time!

Can I work on my publication from home?2015-06-26T18:32:28-05:00

Yes. My Design Online allows users to work on their publication from the comfort of their home, school, coffee shop, favorite lounge chair in the backyard or anywhere there is a computer and Internet connection.

Are there instructions for My Design Online?2015-06-26T18:31:57-05:00

Yes. We have a step-by-step guide instructing you on how to navigate through the program. Download the My Design Online User Guide.

How much does My Design Online cost?2015-06-26T18:31:29-05:00

My Design Online is a free application offered exclusively to JS Printing customers.

What is My Design Online?2015-06-26T18:30:55-05:00

My Design Online is a free, web-based design program offered exclusively to JS Printing customers. It is a quick, easy way to create a publication online without purchasing expensive software. As all templates are pre-designed, you simply plug in your copy and images.

I submitted my order prior to 4:00 pm and it did not ship within 24 hours, what happened?2015-06-26T18:29:49-05:00

Most likely there was a technical problem with the order that delayed production. When an order enters “problem status” the customer is notified as soon as possible. Click here for complete information as well as certain times when 24-hour turnaround is unavailable.

Are other shipping options available?2015-06-26T18:28:43-05:00

Expedited shipping options are available and are based on the weight of the package and shipping destination. Shipping Information

How will my order be shipped?2015-06-26T18:28:14-05:00

All publications are shipped free via UPS Ground unless another shipping option is chosen. Based on your location, UPS Ground shipments are delivered one to six business days from the day they are shipped. Weekends and holidays are not included as days in transit. Shipping Information

May I cancel an order once it has been submitted?2015-06-26T18:27:28-05:00

An order may be cancelled provided it has not reached the press. All requests must be submitted in email toschools@jsprinting.com or by using this form, and will not be accepted via phone or Live Chat. A cancellation fee of $15.00 to $50.00 will be assessed based on how far the order has progressed through production prior to cancellation. We are unable to cancel an order once it has printed thus all applicable charges will be invoiced.

How can I check the status of my order once it has been submitted?2015-06-26T18:26:56-05:00

You may check the status of your order at any time via your online JS Printing account. You may follow the progress of your order from the time it is received until the time it is shipped from our facility. Once your shipment has been scanned by UPS, you will receive an automated email including the tracking information.

Our proxy server will not allow me upload files or use your FTP site. How can I send my files?2015-06-26T18:26:26-05:00

If you are unable to upload a file, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

How long should it take for a file to upload?2015-06-26T18:25:47-05:00

File transmission time varies depending on the type and speed of your Internet connection as well as the size of the file being uploaded. Upload times often exceed 15 minutes. Submitting an order as a PDF will significantly decrease transmission time and reduce the likelihood of problems.

How do I submit a My Design Online order?2015-06-26T18:25:20-05:00

After you’ve finalized all of your pages in MDO, you will need to create a volume. Once a volume has been created, you will have a “Submit for Printing” option. After selecting this option, you will be prompted to login to your JSP account. Once logged in, select Submit an Order under the My JSP tab. Note: You must select My Design Online on Step 2: Choose a Product. For step by step instructions, review the My Design Online User Guide.

Can I send my files via email?2015-06-26T18:24:44-05:00

Due to file size and network restrictions, we are unable to accept files via email or third party sites (i.e. YouSendIt.com). All orders should be submitted via our website. If you are unable to upload a file, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

How do I submit an order for printing?2015-06-26T18:24:20-05:00

All orders should be submitted by clicking Submit an Order and following the steps on the website to upload your file. You must be logged in to your JS Printing account to submit an order.

What are the color options for non-newsprint publications?2015-06-26T18:23:11-05:00

We offer full color on non-newsprint publications. Click Instant Quote Calculator for pricing.

Can I choose which pages have color?2015-06-26T18:22:38-05:00

Spot color may be purchased by the page or group of pages within the same signature. A signature is a set of pages that make up one plate. Listed below are the signatures available for spot color on newsprint.

4 Pages – 1, 4 or 2, 3

8 Pages – 1, 4, 5, 8 or 2, 3, 6, 7

12 Pages – 1, 8, 9, 16 or 2, 7, 10, 15

20 Pages – 1, 10, 11, 20 or 2, 9, 12 19

24 Pages – 1, 12, 13, 24 or 2, 11, 14, 23

How much will spot color cost for my newspaper?2015-06-26T18:19:20-05:00
  • $50.00 One page
  • $30.00 Each additional page
Can I choose which spot color I would like to use for my newspaper?2015-06-26T18:17:18-05:00

Unfortunately, we are only offer one spot color each month. Please review Color Options.

How should spot color be designated in a publication?2015-06-26T18:16:40-05:00

For newsprint publications, cyan should be used to designate the content that should appear in spot color.
Please review TechKnow Lesson: Working with Spot Color for your design software, for complete instructions on how to designate spot color in your publication.

What is a spot color?2015-06-26T18:16:11-05:00

A spot color is an additional color used to add emphasis or call attention to an area or section of a publication. We offer one spot color per month for newsprint publications. You may choose to include the spot color of the month on up to 8 pages. The color changes on the first day of each month. Please note that orders submitted on the last business day of the month will print in the following month’s spot color.

Are there other color options available for newsprint orders?2015-06-26T18:15:40-05:00

Yes, in addition to full color, we also offer spot color on newsprint. One spot color per month is available. Please review Color Options for complete details.

Do you print in full color on newsprint?2015-06-26T18:13:50-05:00

Yes, we offer full color on newsprint. On a 4-page newspapers, full color will appear on pages 1 and 4 only. On all newspapers with 8 or more pages, full color will appear on the first page, centerspread (double truck) and last page only.

What is a centerspread?2015-06-26T18:13:21-05:00

Every publication has a set of pages in the middle called a centerspread or double truck. Content may go across the gutter, or center margins of these pages.
Centerspread Pages for Common Publication Sizes. See this page for more information.

The images in my publications were copied and pasted into the document. Is this okay?2015-06-26T17:59:56-05:00

Copied/pasted images result in a poor print quality. Images should always be imported into your document. (InDesign: File>Place; Quark: File>Get Picture)

What should the image resolution be for non-newsprint orders?2015-06-26T17:59:30-05:00

Images should be 200 dpi. Clip art and line art should be 600 dpi.
For black & white or spot color publications, images should be grayscale tiff format.
Color images should be converted to CMYK tiff format.

Do all images have to be 130 dpi for my newspaper?2015-06-26T17:58:58-05:00

For the best possible image quality using our equipment, we recommend that images are saved at 130 dpi. All clip art and line art should be 600 dpi. In PhotoShop®, you may check an image’s dpi by going to Image > Image Size.

Our advertiser sent a file as a PDF? Is this okay?2015-06-26T17:58:13-05:00

Yes, as long as the pdf files are saved at 300 dpi if they contain text. In PhotoShop®, you may check an image’s dpi by going to Image>Image Size.

Do I have to convert all of my images to .tiff format?2015-06-26T17:57:27-05:00

We highly recommend that all images be .tiff and .eps format as they create the best resolution images for printing. While other file formats may appear acceptable onscreen, they may produce poor print quality images.

I do not have enough content for my newspaper. What can I do?2015-06-26T17:56:19-05:00

We have free Downloadable Content available if you need assistance in finishing your publication. Downloadable Content may be accessed from the Freebies tab.

What is the minimum and maximum order quantity?2015-06-26T17:55:42-05:00

The minimum order for newsprint and non-newsprint publications is 100 copies. There is no maximum.

What type of paper is used for non-newsprint publications?2015-06-26T17:54:43-05:00

60# offset bright white paper is used for non-newsprint jobs. Custom paper options are also available. You may also choose from matte, gloss or self-covers.

What type of paper is used to print my newspaper?2015-06-26T17:53:22-05:00

We use 100% recycled 30# newsprint. Newspapers are 11″x17″ or tabloid size.

I do not have access to design software. May I still print with you?2015-06-26T17:52:12-05:00

If you do not have access to design software, you may use My Design Online, our free online design program. Please visit the My Design Online section of our website for complete details.

I am unable to create a PDF. Can I send my design files?2015-06-26T17:51:34-05:00

If you are unable to create a PDF, we will accept native Macintosh or PC files created with the following programs:
Adobe® InDesign
Adobe® PageMaker 6.5 or 7.0
Quark® XPress 5 – 7
If you are not submitting a PDF file, all the fonts and images used in the publications must be submitted along with the document files. If your file has missing fonts or images every effort will be made to resolve these issues. Missing fonts could cause the text, images and layout of your publication to print differently than you expect. To avoid these potential frustrations, please ensure all fonts and images are included with each file submission.

What types of files are accepted?2015-06-26T17:44:04-05:00

For quick, hassle-free file submissions, we recommend all orders be submitted in high quality Adobe® PDF format. You may create your publication using any software program as long as the finished file is converted to PDF format. Most software applications have a built-in utility that will create a pdf file. Please review the TechKnow Lesson: Creating a PDF for more information.

Why is there a longer turnaround time during certain times throughout the year?2015-06-26T17:42:32-05:00

There are peak times throughout the year when production is heavier which results in a longer in-house turnaround time.
For newsprint orders, a 48-hour shipping schedule is in effect. Please keep this in mind when planning your schedule. Please check our production calendar for specific peak times. During peak times, Xpress Printing orders will ship in 24 hours.
For non-newsprint orders, a 10-day shipping schedule is in effect. Please keep this in mind when planning your schedule. Please check our production calendar for specific peak times. During peak times, Xpress Printing orders will ship in five days.

Can my order be printed any sooner than the standard turnaround?2015-06-26T17:41:33-05:00

JS Printing offers Xpress Printing services for newsprint and non-newsprint orders. During normal production times, Xpress printing on newsprint orders will print and ship the same day. Non-newsprint orders will print and ship in 2 business days.
All Xpress orders must be received by 11:00 am your local time within the continental US to qualify. A fee of 50% of the printing costs up to $250.00 will be assessed for this service.
Full Color and broadsheet Xpress orders will print the next day if received by 4pm.

What is the turnaround time for non-newsprint publications?2015-06-26T17:40:05-05:00

Standard turnaround time for magazine and booklet style orders is three business days. (Stapled binding)
Standard turnaround time for magazine and booklet style orders is five business days. (Book binding)

What is the turnaround time for newspaper printing?2015-06-26T17:35:00-05:00

Black and White newspapers ship the  same day when files are received by 9:00 AM your time (Monday-Friday). Files received after 9:00 AM will ship the following business day.

Full color newsprint  jobs are shipped in 48 hours (Monday-Friday).

Why did my newspaper print in multiple sections?2015-06-26T16:27:27-05:00

We have the capability to collate up to 24 pages. Larger publications will print in sections and must be hand collated upon receipt.

I forgot my username and/or password, what do I do?2015-06-26T17:34:36-05:00

Contact us via email at support@schoolprinting.com or call 866-435-7577. A customer service representative will be able to provide you with your account login information.

I am not affiliated with a school, will I still be able to use your services at the same prices offered to schools?2015-06-26T16:22:06-05:00

Absolutely. While we specialize in working with schools, we also work with a wide variety of organizations. Please contact Customer Service at 866-435-7577 for more information.

How do I get a quote for a publication?2015-06-26T17:40:22-05:00

You can get a fast, accurate quote via Instant Quote Calculator. You may also contact a customer service representative.

We would like to mail our publication. Do you offer mailing solutions?2015-06-26T16:24:19-05:00

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer mailing services.  Check your local listings for mail service providers.


I need extra copies of an order. Can I order a reprint of a previous job?2015-06-26T16:25:34-05:00

Yes. Reprints may be ordered at a discounted rate up to 90 days from the original print date.  Please contact your customer service representative for complete details.

What is Reverse Fold?2015-06-26T17:35:58-05:00

Reverse fold is typically used when a publication will be mailed to recipients. Reverse fold means the publication is folded in half with the bottom half of the back page facing out.