PD-what? A Look Into the PDF, and Why We Use It

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Something you will hear us ask for often in our line of work is a high quality PDF file of the publication or artwork that you are wanting to print.  While many of you are probably experts by now in wielding the power of the PDF, it never hurts to have a refresher on how [...]

My Paper is Bleeding! Let’s Trim Off the Excess.

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If you find yourself exploring our website then you have probably come across the word "bleed(s)" a number of times.  Whether it is through conversation with our customer service reps, or through your own perusing of our internet home, it is a topic that comes up somewhat frequently.  It is my hope that by the [...]

Keeping Things Together: How to Organize Your Folders

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Do you ever find yourself running into the problem of knowing you saved a file, but can't remember where you saved the file? I have run into this problem way too many times to keep count of and I also know that time is a precious commodity that can't be wasted looking for that long [...]