Build hype! Promote your Lit Mag!

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You put a lot of hard work into any publication that you create. Literary magazines require a ton of design and collaboration. Don’t let all that work go un-noticed! Create some hype about your publication and get people excited! A video is a great way to share a preview of your magazine and it’s another [...]

Promote Scholastic Journalism Week in your community

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Scholastic Journalism Week is February 21-27 this year. If you are interested in promoting this week in your community, here is what you can do: 1) Use this resolution template, created by Stan Zoller, MJE, to encourage your school board, city council, county board or even student council to declare the week Scholastic Journalism Week [...]

Meet The Team – Keith Criswell

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Get to know the team that works on your publication! Keith Criswell - Pre-Press How long have you been working at JS? Since 2006 In your own words, describe your job duties:? I take care of the pre-press work on every publication that comes through. This includes toning images, pagination and adjustments that the customer [...]