Scholastic Journalism Week is February 21-27 this year. If you are interested in promoting this week in your community, here is what you can do:

1) Use this resolution template, created by Stan Zoller, MJE, to encourage your school board, city council, county board or even student council to declare the week Scholastic Journalism Week in your area.

2) Get your stories ready for: The Stories We Tell: Staff Spotlight Series – Apply to be one of 15 schools to be featured on the JEA Facebook page leading up to Scholastic Journalism Week. Fifteen staffs will be featured. Download the application here.  Submission deadline Jan. 26!!

3) Take some video of your upcoming deadline. Post it online, via Facebook or Twitter to show your community what a scholastic publication goes through to share all the news that’s fit to print, or record the memories that make the year.

4) Send thank-you notes to advertisers and/or other people in your community who consistently help you out.

5) Change your profile pic on Facebook to the SJW logo.

6) Have your staffers wear their staff shirts or anything and everything related to journalism at least once during the week at the same time. (We can help you get some shirts for your staff. Just leave a comment with your email address and we will send you some info!)

7) Put posters up all over your school the Friday evening before Scholastic Journalism Week so students see them at the beginning of the week. Download your 11×17 Poster here.

8) Take the TAO of Journalism Pledge. Then, when your staff takes the pledge, take a photo of each person taking the pledge and a group photo to commemorate the event.

9) Use #SJW2016 every chance you get!

10) Party. During class or after school, have a party to celebrate the week!