Understanding Centerspreads (Double Trucks)

Every publication has one pair of pages which prints side by side. This is referred to as a “centerspread” or “double truck”. On these two pages you may ignore the center margin. This basically gives you an additional inch to work with and allows you to be creative in your design.

Choose Facing Pages when you set up your InDesign Document for Centerspreads

The most common mistake made when creating centerspreads is choosing the WRONG pages. There is one and only one centerspread for each newspaper. Do not go across the center margins on any other page.

Which Pages are the Centerspread?

Take the number of pages in your document and divide by 2. This is the 1st page in the pair.

  • 8 page paper divided by 2 = 4. So pages 4 and 5 are the center.
  • 12 page center = 6 and 7
  • 16 page center = 8 and 9

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Main image

Centerspreads that pop!

Below is an example of a well designed centerspread.

Magazines and Booklets:

When calculation the centerspread of a magazine or booklet, the four page cover must be included in the total number of pages.
Example: 24 pages + 4 pages cover = 28 page publication.  28 divided by 2 = 14. The centerspread is on pages 14 & 15.
Margins in Magazines and Booklets can be ignored if you are planning to print bleeds.